Allied Workers for the Blind is based in Kansas City, MO. We are a member of the American Council of the Blind and an affiliate of the Missouri Council of the Blind.
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Allied Workers for the Blind is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of the blind and visually challenged in the Greater Kansas City, MO area.

AWB meetings are held by conference call during this pandemic, on
the second Saturday of the month, with the exception of July and August. You are welcome to attend with friends and family members. 

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Our meetings were traditionally held at the Alphapointe Association for the Blind, 75th & Prospect on the second Saturday of every month (except July and August). Meetings were sometimes held offsite, as well. 

Pre-pandemic we took a lot of "field trips". Our members enjoyed socializing and enjoying events around the City. We hope to do so again when it is safe!

We are always looking for dynamic and informative guest speakers! Our goal is to have speakers who will educate our members about how they impact and improve the visually challenged community.

Membership is open. We want to hear from you! E-mail us or call us:

E-Mail, Barbara, President:

Accessible website.

Holiday 2013

AWB would like to announce that we adopted children from 5 families from the Maple Valley State School for the Disabled. This state-funded school is for children, many of whom have multiple handicaps including visual challenges.

If you would like to be a Sponsor of any Allied Worker's events, let us know: 
Contact Tracey Hawkins, PR Chairman:
Join us in 2021! 
We are working to make life better for Kansas City residents who live with a visual challenge.
Christmas 2016 AWB and the Kansas City Chief's Rookies!
White Cane Safety Tips: Read more here. Alphapointe has provided White Cane Safety Tips, too!
2021 Board of Directors

Barbara Dewberry, President

Shirley Brokaw, VP, 816.942.0489

William Hawkins, Treasurer, 816.844.2010

Greg Hollins, Secretary, 816.812.0129

Corresponding Secretary

Special Services 


Our organization is keeping our members safe by not having public meetings and events during this pandemic. We look forward to resuming a full, productive, and active schedule once it is over.

We are still working for the visually-challenged community and welcome new members.