February 2012
Allied Workers for the Blind February 3, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Jones at 7:44 pm.

Bill Reynolds announced that the sound system is here but missing cords so it is not up and running.

President Jones led the assembly in the Lord's Prayer.

Twenty members and one guest were present.

The Treasurer's report is attached.

Shirley Brokaw moved that $175 be added to the scholarship fund for Angela Fisher out of the general fund. The motion was adopted.

President Jones presented a check for $500 to Angela Fisher.

Transportation and Communications Committee Chairperson Ricky Hampton reported that two vehicles were used for seven people.

The minutes for the January meeting were approved as posted.

Fundraising Committee Chair, Linda Coccovizzo, encouraged people to sell tickets for our upcoming drawing.

Public Relations Chair, Tracy Hawkins, shared her article, submitted to the Chronicle, discussing PR events. The article is attached. A proposed White Cane Walk was discussed. As people are interested in this activity, it will occur May.

Corresponding Secretary, Shirley Brokaw, shared the February birthday.

Shirley Brokaw gave an MCB Board report.

Education and Welfare Chairperson, Terrie Arnold, reported on MCB legislative initiatives.

New business:
William Hawkins discussed the grand opening of the MCB thrift store that will occur on February 29 in Springfield. Our fundraising committee will try to have a table and sell something.

Janelle Edwards moved that if people chose to go to the Springfield event on the 29th they would receive a $20 stipend if not funded by MCB. The motion was defeated 7 to 11 with a show of hands.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:52 pm.

Janelle Edwards
AWB Recording Secretary

Allied Workers for the Blind --- Kansas City Missouri

Date --- February 3, 2012.

Please update your reports:

2 Transactions

Acount# 1028 --- Invoice Number 6223 --- $165 --- 3 Vehicle ---
Paid --- January 10 2012. --- Check 342

Account# 1031 --- Scholarship --- 25 --- Deposit --- January 10

Starting Balance --- $2,952.93

Ending balance --- 2,812.93

Total Investments American Century Investments --- $33,007.32


William Hawkins

From Allied Workers for the Blind, Public Relations Chairman,
Tracey Hawkins

We had 2 major community projects recently. The first was an
event that we
held at Alphapointe Association for the Blind. Late last year
Chip Block, a
well-known instructor who was visually challenged, was hit and
killed while
crossing the street. The City of Kansas City's Public Works
Department was
scheduled to install an audible crossing signal at that
intersection the
following week.

AWB stepped forward to educate the visually challenged, bind and
community about audible crosswalks and safety. AWB hosted a
safety event,
open to the public, and invited Sheri Block, widow of Chip, the
City of
K.C.'s Public Works Department, two members of the Whole Person,
advocate and resource group for the handicapped. AWB member
Melvin Smith
offered safety tips for traveling safely with a cane. Alphapointe
white canes. The event served as a kick-off for our fundraiser
for a
student who is visually challenged and studying at the college
where Chip
was an instructor, Penn Valley Community College.

The City reps brought a demonstration unit to allow those in
attendance to
hear, see and touch an audible cross walk system. They asked for
input from
actual users. Advocates with Whole Person, Sheila Styron and
Patrick Palmer, explained how they have been working with the
City on
improving the audible crosswalk signal process and educating the
challenged and blind community.

Alphapointe recommended a student in their college preparatory
program to
be the recipient of our scholarship. Angela Fisher is a single
mother who
is going back to college to continue her education. She plans to
be a
teacher and is passionate about teaching students to read. Shari
Block made
a generous donation and a few of our members donated to the
fund. AWB's Public Relations Committee will utilize some of its
budget to
help with her expenses. We will share our role in helping this
student with
Alphapointe and the local media in order to raise awareness of
our group
and our mission to help educate and support the blind community.

The student, Angela Fisher, visited our Holiday Dinner to speak
and meet
the members, she also attended our January meeting to get to know
members and share her story. She will attend another meeting to
presented with her scholarship check.
If MCB members would like to contribute to help this student, you
welcome to do so. To the AWB members who contributed, Jerry and
Annunzio, Odell Hollins, William and myself and those who will
at our next meeting, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! MCB members, please
feel free to
make a check or money order payable to AWB, note: Chip Block

We are planning a spring White Cane Walk fundraiser and will be
sponsors in the community. Thanks to Donna Geiger for the
inspiration and
the success of her affiliate's white cane event! Stay tuned!