January 2012
Allied Workers for the Blind January 6, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Jones at 7:41 pm.

President Jones led the assembly in the Lord's Prayer.

The assembly observed a moment of silence in remembrance of Harold Brokaw.

Members were assured that the microphone would be available for next month's meeting.

Twenty-three members and one guest were present.

The Treasurer's report is attached.

Transportation and Communications Committee Chairperson Norm Burke-Yale reported that two cars were used for seven people.

Fundraising Committee Chair Linda Coccovizzo suggested the following strategies for selling raffle tickets: sponsor someone to get a prize, stress what AWB does, and discuss services like special services and transportation.

The November 2011 minutes were approved as read. In December, a short business meeting was held at Hickok's in conjunction with the social gathering. At this meeting, for which roll was taken, AWB members approved a Bylaws Committee, chaired by Janelle Edwards.

Public Relations Chair, Tracy Hawkins, presented AWB's scholarship recipient Angela Fisher, who addressed the assembly.

Corresponding Secretary, Shirley Brokaw, shared birthdays for December and January.

Education and Welfare Chair, Terrie Arnold reported that in February MCB members would participate in legislative activities in Washington DC with ACB. In March, MCB would pursue legislative initiatives in Jefferson City.

Old business:
Shirley Brokaw gave an MCB Board report.

William Hawkins gave an MCB thrift store report. The official store opening will be February 29.

Bylaws Committee Chair Janelle Edwards asked anyone with constitution or bylaws changes to contact one of the committee members--Janelle Edwards, Shirley Brokaw, or William Hawkins.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Janelle Edwards
AWB Recording Secretary

Treasurer's Report:
Account 1027 Transportation -- November Invoice 5155 3 vehicles
-- $165 -- Check 340 -- 11,30,2011. -- December Invoice 5181 2
Vehicles -- $110 -- Check 341 -- 01.03.2012.
Account 1032 Yearly Membership Dues -- Deposit -- $45 -- 
Burdick's -- Deposit  Date -- 01.03.2012.
Mazoma Credit Union Beginning Baslance -- $3,182.93
Deposits -- $45
Withdrawals -- $275
Ending Balance -- $2,952.93

William Hawkins
AWB. Treasurer