January 2016 Minutes
The Allied Workers for the Blind January 16 2016

The AWB meeting was called to order by the President William Hawkins.
12 members answered roll call, no guests were present.
The Lord’s Prayer was recited.

Minutes were not approved from the 2 previous meetings, will be voted on in

The President gave his report, he stated the AWB meetings would be held on
the second Saturday of the month, with the exception of July and August. And members would be notified two weeks in advance where the meeting would be held.
The procedure for notifying members is email for those who have it, and
phone calls would be also made by the Corresponding Secretary.

AWB will be contributing money to be used for continuing education for a
student at the Children‘s Center for the Visually Impaired (CCVI). The 50/50 drawing will help fund this project.

The Treasurer gave the checking account balance beginning and ending for the month of December. Beginning balance is $2,391.55, ending balance $1,812.89. American Century $31,504.

Committee Reports

Activity, Meryl Long announced that AWB would try to have the Gangster Tour in February, a minimum of 25 is needed to receive group rates, if you want to complete the entire trip, it would be approximately 1 ½ hours, the tour would leave the River Market Area, and end at  Garozzo's restaurant in
Kansas City, MO, This activity is open to any one who has their transportation, and the $25 for the ticket.

Fund Raising Chairman reported that we will be looking into ways to raise
funds, any suggestions call Melvin Smith 816-898-8050.

No reports from Education & Advocacy Health Benefits, Special Services,
Membership, or Public Relations.

MCB Board report was given by Shirley Brokaw, these are not approved minutes only a draft of the meeting.

The board voted to retain Natalie Higgins as our general counsel.
The board also voted to use Jerry Nichols as our accountant and Eric Stopped as our auditor for the 2014 - 2015 fiscal year.

Robert Vaughn gave a treasurer's report.

Mike Keller gave a thrift store report and announced that the MCB thrift
store was now its own entity.

We currently use a company called, Paychecks to do our payroll and human
resource work.  Since the thrift store in no longer a part of MCB the board
didn't feel that it was necessary to retain them for the HR work.
Eliminating this portion of their services results in a savings of several
hundred dollars each month.

The following were appointed as chairs of committees.
Adaptive Technology Grant - Darrel Vickers
Convention Coordinator - Jerry Anunzio
Credentials - Ruthie Clark
Wolfner Advisory Council - DeAnna Noriega

The board also voted to give our MCB office staff a Christmas bonus

The meeting was adjourned at 1:45 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Shirley Brokaw, AWB Recording Secretary 2016