January 2015 Minutes
Allied Workers for the Blind Minutes for January 9, 2015

Meeting was called to order by President William Hawkins. The Lord’s Prayer was led by Barbara Dewberry.
The following number of members present: 26
Minutes were read by the Recording Secretary Bill Reynolds. Motion to accept minutes was made and second. Motion was passed by the assembly.
Treasurer Alice Valdez reported there is $1,488.52 in the UMB account. Because the books are now at IRS. Motion to accept the treasurer’s report and second. Motion was approved by assembly.
Transportation Chairperson Ricky Hampton reported 13 riders and 4 cars.
Membership Chairperson Norman Burke-Yale had no report.
Fundraising Chairperson Jackie Lars reported the net from nut sales was $1,419.00 and she and her committee were working on more fundraisers.
Health Benefits Chairperson Jackie Lars had no report.
Activities Chairperson Brandi Jones reported: She working on activities for the future like the KC Royals Baseball game.
Corresponding Secretary Barbara Dewberry reported: 2 birthday’s in January.
Old Business: Shirley Brokaw thanked AWB for the flowers.
New Business: Melvin Smith asked if anyone interested in being a server for a Dining in the Dark fundraiser for Alphapointe in February. It will be held on Wednesday January 14th.
Motion to adjourn was made and seconded. Motion was approved
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Respectfully Recording Secretary
Bill Reynolds