January 2011 Minutes

Friday, January 7, 2011

The meeting opened at 7:40 PM with taking of the roll.  26 members attended and 6 visitors: Linda Coccovizzo, Mrs. Griffin, Trudy Blood, Melvin Avants, Vickie Hastings and Jackie Lars.

TREASURER’S REPORT  AWB got back our IRS audit on December 9—no money owed, every penny accounted for.  We would have to file our 8734 from 2000 and 2004.

Over 50 skids, nearly 13 tons, of office supplies and promotional items were donated to MCB, were being stored in the old Macy’s warehouse in Saint Louis.  These would be equally distributed to all affiliates for them to sell to raise money for themselves.  On Monday, January 10, MCB would start an accounting of items.  AWB would decide where in Kansas City to store items and how to sell them.  This would cost AWB nothing unless, for instance, we wanted to pay for labeling.

The MCB Online Store would be launched on February 1.  William said people with items to sell could set up web pages.  MCB would provide people to help set them up and charge store owners $9.95 a month and 10% of sales.  Owners would use PayPal accounts.  Customers would pay directly into these, money would be sent electronically to individuals every 2 weeks.

MCB was starting its fund-raising contest between affiliates.  1/3 of monies raised would go to the affiliate, 1/3 to MCB and 1/3 to a charity of the affiliate’s choice.  William urged us to think about a charity to whom to donate.  William would give AWB’s year end investment and accounting numbers at the February business meeting.

SECRETARY’S NOTE  Inclement weather forced cancellation of the February meeting.

TRANSPORTATION  8 people rode in 2 vehicles.  Rickie gathered contact information from the guests should they wish to return.


MEMBERSHIP  Dave Plumlee said that Melvin Avants played saxophone in school and had worked at vending stands and workshops for the blind.  Seconded by William, Dave moved that AWB accept Melvin Avants as our newest member.  The motion carried.

PUBLIC RELATIONS  Tracey thanked her committee for its work over the holidays. She thanked Carol, Brittney and Renee for shopping for the veterans’ families that PR adopted, for wrapping the gifts and helping with deliveries.

The veterans spoke at the meeting.  Berton Barret thanked AWB for the help and introduced his wife Klairece and their grandchildren.  Klairece said the nightgown was perfect.  Mr. Barret served in the Air Force from ’59 to ’63, married about 45 years ago. The veteran of the second family served the US Army in Vietnam in ’72, more recently drove an ambulance.  He started losing his sight in September of 2010, would go to Chicago to learn skills useful as a blind person.

Tracey thanked the men for US service, offered further AWB help if needed.  Melvin Smith, who had provided the families information packets from Alphapointe, gave them other Alphapointe resources.  Shirley described the MCB summer camp program. William briefed many MCB programs, including Special Services, Adaptive Technology and the Scholarship program.  AWB applauded the families.

EDUCATION AND WELFARE  Jerry reported that MCB would attend ACB Legislative Day on January 26 in Washington, D.C., speaking with 2 senators and 9 representatives.
MCB Legislative Day would take place on March 7 and 8 in Jefferson City.  Orientation would occur on the 7th, meeting with legislators on the 8th.


FUND-RAISING  no report


ACTIVITIES  Bill said almost 20 people enjoyed the AWB Christmas party at Ryan’s on December 18.  Sheryl Frank won the trivia quiz.  William would write Bill a check for $24.38 from Bill’s Activities budget to reimburse him for the money he spent on prizes out of his pocket.  Bill was working on outings to Comets, Missouri Mavericks and Royals games.

50-50 Jackie Lars won $20.00, AWB received $20.00.  The meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Norm Burke-Yale
Recording Secretary