June 2011 Minutes
Friday, June 3, 2011

President Tom Jones opened the meeting at 7:41 PM with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.  3 visitors (Linda and John Coccovizzo and Terry Griffin) and 35 members attended.

TREASURER’S REPORT  During it, Tracey and Britney took AWB dues of $20.00 per member.  William asked people to pay by check, money order or cashier’s check.  Others should mail their check or money order (made out to Allied Workers for the Blind) to 10433 Baltimore, KCMO 64114 by June 30. William said the Burditts had paid their membership check in May.  It was returned.   William would ask if they wished him to redeposit the check or issue him a new one.  As of May 15, the bank was charging AWB a $5.00 return check fee.  If checks were returned, they must be resubmitted with the added fee.

Beginning Balance in checking      $500.25
Withdrawal                                     $165.00       transportation
Deposit                                            $  60.00      membership dues
Ending Balance in Checking           $395.25

The day of the meeting, the stock market was down 97 points.  Our investments totaled $31,918.44.

ACTIVITIES  Although AWB would look at attending a Royals game in September, Brandi said people could call 816-228-1795 Ext. 3 for information about free Royals tickets.


FUND-RAISING  no report


MINUTES  Kathy Wheeler hadn’t received the May minutes.  In accordance with the AWB Constitution, William recommended that members tell the Recording Secretary their preferred format.  Shirley claimed she said something about this at the beginning of the year.

SECRETARY’S NOTE  The December 4, 2009 minutes state: “Shirley felt that this matter would be resolved by putting the minutes on the website.”

It was indefinitely decided to reopen this matter later.


PUBLIC RELATIONS  Tracey was trying to organize an AWB-sponsored emergency preparedness program with the Red Cross.  The Red Cross hadn’t had time to schedule a speaker.  Tracey appreciated Alphapointe for making space available for the event.  She was planning a summer safety program with the Red Cross and encouraged input.

Tracey hoped to organize with the new PR Committee a white cane walk in October, National Blindness Awareness Month.  PR could work with Fund-Raising to get sponsors and invite dignitaries to walk blindfolded.  Tracey said Vision Walk was happening Sunday, June 5, at 7:30 AM in Kansas City.  They would offer free boots to organizations focusing on the blind and vision challenged.  Tracey would alert them of our plans for a walk.

SECRETARY’S NOTE  Without a microphone, It’s difficult to hear Tracey.  Please check with her for further PR details.

MEMBERSHIP  Brandi said Linda Coccovizzo had been the previous Recording Secretary for MCB and served in every capacity at the Queen City affiliate in Spring Field.  Having Linda’s letter of resignation from Queen City, Brandi felt she’d be an asset to AWB.  Seconded by Norm, William moved that we make Linda Coccovizzo a member of AWB.  The motion carried.

LINDA’S INFORMATION  Linda Coccovizzo 8310 Booth, Raytown, MO 64138,
  phone 816-912-0380, prefers “Chronicle” in braille and large print, blind, birth month

  doesn’t mind AWB members having it but doesn’t want it on the web), Bear and Karen
  Burditt 816-501-6053

Shirley said Kathy Viter’s mother had passed away.  Paul and Kathy were moving to Nixon, Missouri and were not presently maintaining MCB membership.

SPECIAL SERVICES  Sheryl Anthony’s committee had recommended $100.00 to Terry Arnold for glasses.  The assembly approved the recommendation.

Changing the bylaws to eliminate the need for assembly approval for the use of Special Services money after committee approval was discussed.

TRANSPORTATION  11 people rode in 2 vehicles.  Seconded by William, Shirley moved that Ed Wells, who Checker had not picked up, be given credit for the meeting. The motion carried.

MIDWEST CONFERENCE  William reported that MCB was asking each affiliate to nominate someone for the ACB Midwest Conference by Friday, June 10.  MCB would select 1 nominee to attend.  The Conference would take place in Saint Peters, Missouri in August, its purpose being to find young leaders

Seconded by Norm, William moved that AWB nominate Britney Hollins for possible attendance at the Midwest Conference.  The motion carried.

MCB BOARD REPORT  The Board met for a teleconference on Thursday, June 2.  A donation request for $500.00 to Melvin Smith for the ACB Walkathon was approved.  A lifetime membership was awarded to Ida Scotty.  The giving of $25,000.00 to the Joplin Relief Fund was approved.  Gregg said the legitimacy of the Board meeting was questioned because of procedural details and that there wasn’t an official Recording Secretary at the meeting.

THRIFT STORES  William reported that for over 20 years the thrift stores have been falling behind on payments to MCB.  In July, 2009, MCB and the stores signed another agreement and the stores defaulted.  At the time of the Board meeting, HMC was negotiating to sell the Spring Field store to another company.  On May 16, MCB sent the store a right to cure letter giving them until June 16 to pay up (nearly $140,000.00).  If the store didn’t pay, MCB could file a petition with the court and (under Section 14 of the contract with the store) could claim all store products and shut the store down.  MCB’s letter clarified that it would not approve the sale unless the store paid all owed income and MCB approved of the group to which the store would be sold.

On June 9 and 10, William Hawkins, MCB President Denny Huff, Mark Fells, Mike Keller and Loel Newsome would meet with a Missouri sanctioned, Jefferson City based fund-raising group which runs thrift stores across Missouri.  If favorable to MCB’s interests, MCB would seek an agreement for the group to take over MCB’s thrift store contract from HMC and take the proposal to the MCB Board.

NEW BUSINESS  ELECTIONS  The Nominating Committee had recommended Tom Jones for AWB President.  When elections began, Vice President Melvin Smith took over the meeting.  Shirley nominated Melvin from the floor, stating that he’d belonged to Allied Workers since 1987and served on local and state committees.  Recording Secretary Norm Burke-Yale took over the meeting.

In the absence of the voting box, William suggested that members place marks on paper to indicate preference.  Norm recommended that AWB members indicate Tom with an X and Melvin with an O.  Norm asked candidates to select sighted counters.  Tom picked Tracey.  Melvin chose Sheryl Anthony.  Norm said that a vote of 18 members was required to win the election.

Norm announced that Tom received 20 votes, Melvin received 15 votes.  Tom Jones was elected President of Allied Workers.

The Nominating Committee had recommended Sheryl Frank for Vice President.  Sheryl removed herself from consideration.  Seconded by William, Dave Plumlee nominated Melvin Smith for Vice President.  By acclimation, Melvin became Vice President.

The Nominating Committee had recommended Janelle Edwards as Recording Secretary. Janelle became Recording Secretary by acclimation.

The Nominating Committee had recommended William Hawkins for Treasurer.  William became Treasurer by acclimation.  Shirley became Correspondence Secretary by acclimation.

Britney Hollins read the names of those who’d paid AWB dues in June, 2011:  Kathy Wheeler, Daniel Wheeler, Tom and Brandi Jones, Dianna Parrick, Sheryl Frank, Melvin Smith, Shirley Brokaw, Terry Arnold, Joyce Smith, Ricky Hampton, Heather and Norm Burke-Yale, Jerry Annunzio, Edna Annunzio, Odell Hollins, Sheryl Anthony, Allen Anthony, Joy Layton, Linda Coccovizzo, William and Tracey Hawkins.  William added these names:  the Perrous, Janelle Edwards, Renee Deggs and the Hollinses.

Odell won $20.00 for 50-50, AWB received $20.00.  The meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Norm Burke-Yale
Recording Secretary