March 2016 Minutes
AWB March 12 2016 Minutes

President Hawkins called the meeting to order at 12:09, Ed Valdez was asked to lead us in the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer.

The Recording Secretary called the roll 24 members were [present, we had two guests. Linda & Rodger Hagar. In February there were two guests also, David Arnold and Karen Hollins.

President Hawkins gave the President's report, he received Summer Camp applications and passed them out to members wishing to attend camp.
The President explained the Grant writing contract AWB Board members had received via e-mail between AWB & Nailah R. M’Biti, after much discussion Terrie Arnold made the motion AWB not sign the contract, the motion carried.
AWB’s next meeting will be held on Saturday April 9th, beginning at noon, and ending approximately 2:00 pm.

Treasurer’s report beginning balance $2,693.14 ending balance $2,040.14
Disbursements $375 KCTG for the gangster private tour, $300 Children’s Center for the Visually Impaired, Deposit was $21 from the 50 /50 drawing. Investment account $32,504.09

Bill Reynolds moved the report be approved as read & filed for audit.

Activities Chairman Merle Long reported we had the maximum amount of members to meet the requirements of a Private Gangster Tour on Saturday March 19, beginning at 2:00 pm. Members should meet  at the main entrance of the Union Station.

Non-members may join AWB, however, they will need to make a check or money order payable to AWB Treasurer, Alice Valdez (she will also take cash).

Corresponding Secretary Barbara Dewberry reported that she had called members to remind them the time and place for the Gangster Tour.

Education Advocacy Chairman Darla Rodgers reported she had attended Legislative day in Jefferson City to meet with representatives and Senators. Darla was not able to meet with all the representatives, packets were left with each person, she did meet with there. And she discussed the legislative issues confronting the blind of Missouri

Public Relations Chairman Tracey Hawkins asked members to share articles of interest to put on the AWB Web Site.

Membership Chairman Terrie Arnold had no report this month.

Special Services Chair Lisa Eleazor reported no request had been submitted in February.

Health Benefits Chair Brandi Jones reported two members would receive $100 gift cards.  According to the AWB Constitution
The members of this committee are as follows, Linda
Coccovizzo, and Odell Hollins.

By-law Committee Chair Bill Reynolds reported that he was working to update AWB’s Constitution, Bill Reynolds named the committee members Tom Jones, and Brandi Jones.

Fund Raising Chair Melvin Smith had no report.

50/50 winners are as follows Odell Hollins (donated his winnings back to AWB Thank you Odell.) The March winner was Barbara Dewberry.

Respectfully submitted,

Shirley Brokaw
Recording Secretary 2015/2016