May 2011 Minutes
Friday, May 6, 2011

President Tom Jones opened the meeting at 7:43 PM with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer.  31 members were present and 5 guests: Bear, Karen and Dakota Burditt, Terry Griffin and Janelle Edwards.

TREASURER’S REPORT  William restated that the IRS had given him until October 15, 2011 to submit AWB’s taxes from 2000-2004.

ITEM                                         AMOUNT          DETAILS
Starting Balance in Checking    $1,110.00
Withdrawal                                $500.00               Legislative Day
Deposits                                     $28.00                 50-50
                                                  $20.00                 Jackie Lars
Total Investments                       $33,479,52
CD                                              $12,107,22          would come due August 11, 2011

Discussion revealed that Capital First Federal’s current interest rate of 2.2% would renew at 1.7%, while American Century’s interest rate would be 12.5%.

Seconded by Heather, Dave Plumlee moved that, when AWB’s CD at First Federal Bank came due on August 11, AWB would move it to American Century.  The motion failed. Terry Arnold moved that we put the CD into a savings account at First Federal, or another bank, until the September business meeting.  The motion carried.

William announced that he had the paperwork from the Secretary of State for AWB’s new Articles of Incorporation.  He would need Tom and Melvin to sign.  As of 4:00 PM, May 6, 41 MCB members had applied for the ACB Convention grant.  If that number held, each person would receive $488.00.

ACTIVITIES  Bill was unable to get tickets to the Royals/Cardinals game because he didn’t know how many wanted to go early enough.

Seconded by William, Norm moved that AWB look into attending the Royals game with the Chicago Whitesocks on Friday, September 16.  The motion carried.

Tom asked Bill to check into sight-impaired seating.


FUND-RAISING  no report

EDUCATION AND WELFARE  Including drivers and guides, almost 40 people participated at Legislation Day in Jeff City.  Participants spoke with 2 senators and 9 representatives.  People liked the changes that were made to the program.  The second day, everyone met for breakfast in the hotel, rather than at the Capital Building.  This smoothed the entire process and saved MCB money.

The most important bill discussed was the parental rights bill, which said you can’t take children away from parents based only on the parents’ disability.  Most issues covered were still being discussed in the Legislature, some having been combined into a single bill.  Subsequently, this bill passed in the House and was, as of the night of the business meeting, being changed in the Senate.

AWB applauded Jerry (Chair Person of the MCB Education and Welfare Committee) for an enjoyable and well-organized Legislative Day.

PUBLIC RELATIONS  Tracey asked people to tell AWB what they were up to.  She reported that, thanks to the leadership of William’s Finance Committee, MCB now had over $1,000,000.00.

Although AWB wouldn’t have time to organize a walk for May (White Cane Awareness Month), as MCB was doing, Tracey hoped to organize a walk for October (National Blindness Awareness Month).  AWB would use a secure walking trail and invite dignitaries to walk.  We would need sponsors.  Tracey encouraged full participation.  The walking trails at Loose Park and Independence Center were suggested.

Tracey would look into finding low vision supplies for the Independence School District and give certificates to blind-friendly businesses at the next meeting.

MEMBERSHIP  William said that Janelle had served on the MCB Board for the last 3 years.  She was currently MCB Recording Secretary and served on the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.  Tracey sponsored the Burditts, AWB’s adopted family from the Veteran’s Administration.  AWB voted in Janelle Edwards and Bear and Karen Burditt as new members.

Janelle Edwards: 4638 North Holland Court, Kansas City, MO 64116, birth month
  February, wants (Chronicle) in braille
Bear Burditt: 8812 Northeast 106 Street, Kansas City, MO 64157, birth month March,
  wants “Chronicle” in large print
Karen Burditt: 8812 Northeast 106 Street, Kansas City, MO 64157, birth month March,
  wants “Chronicle” in large print


TRANSPORTATION  13 people rode in 3 vehicles.

MCB BOARD REPORTS  An MCB Board meeting took place April 16.  With Linda Burris’s resignation, Anne Murphy was confirmed as Special Services Chair.  US Bank and Wells Fargo gave reports.  The subpoena of financial records of Deb Grider and MCB was discussed, including that of MCB President Denny Huff’s deposition which he had given.  The Board told the Blind Pension Committee that it had exceeded its authority in firing the firm of Thomas E. Kennedy, LLC.  The Board instructed the Committee to supply it with more rapid and detailed reports in future.  Loel Newsome and Elton Thomas gave a Resource and Development report.  As of April 16, they had raised over $35,000.00, including a check from the Saint Louis Lighthouse for the Blind for $32,500.00.  The remaining balance had come from individual donations and a sale of 500 tote bags to the Lutheran Church for $1,000.00.  The Board set up a new summer camp account of $6,000.00 per year for kids living in Missouri.  The Board chastised MCB President Denny Huff for attempting to open accounts (without authority) when he was supposed to send money to ACB.  In closed session, Virginia Drapekin’s evaluation was discussed.

SECRETARY’S NOTE  Please forgive possible misspellings.

A Board conference occurred on Wednesday, May 4.  Guidelines for the kids’ summer camp account were adopted.  A child could attend 1 camp per year with a cap of $600.00 per child.  ACB was organizing a Midwest conference (involving 7 Midwestern states) to groom people for leadership with workshops, etc.  Though anyone was welcome, ACB asked that 3 officers attend from each state affiliate.  The MCB President proposed that he attend, along with the 2 vice-presidents and a member of Denny’s choosing.  The Board decided to send Denny, 1 officer, and 2 members not of the Board.  To select these 2, affiliates would have until June 10 to submit a name to the MCB office, explaining why they nominated this individual.  The Board returned to its former policy of paying for the Parliamentarian at conventions but not at Board meetings and conference calls.

The thrift stores in Kansas City and Spring Field had insisted that, with the bad economy and the increased gas prices and expenses, they couldn’t pay MCB.  The Board got them to start paying $5,600.00 for the month of May.  The stores said they’d have to file bankruptcy if MCB attempted to force further payment.  The MCB Board sent out a demand letter giving the stores 30 days to pay MCB.  The Board gave MCB Treasurer William Hawkins permission to enter the thrift stores to see what was happening.

Tom had received a letter from the MCB’s Membership Committee, which was holding a Membership contest for affiliates from May 1 to October 1.  New members must be announced to the MCB office.  First-, second- and third-prize winners would be announced at the MCB Convention in October.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS  Tom reminded the assembly that, in April, he’d asked William to form a nominating committee.  In June, the committee’s recommendations would be voted on, plus nominations from the floor.  William announced that his committee had included himself, Sheryl Anthony, Jerry Annunzio, and Carol Hollins. The committee nominated Tom Jones for President, Sheryl Frank for Vice-President, Janelle Edwards for Recording Secretary, and William Hawkins for Treasurer.  Other AWB officers would be chosen by the President.  Tom and William would be serving second 2-year terms and must step down in 2013.  Serving their first terms in office, Sheryl and Janelle could run again in 2013.

ACB CONVENTION ALLOWANCE  William announced that, when the Board fixed the 2010-2011 budget, it recommended to bass the ACB Convention allowance on amount of funds raised throughout the year.  The $500.00 MCB grant was allocated for Legislation Day.  For the current fiscal year, Brandi and Janie raised $25.00 for AWB at the MCB Convention.

Seconded by Heather, Terry Arnold moved that AWB take out money from American Century for Convention allowance.  The motion failed.

Dakota Burditt won $13.00 at 50-50, $13.00 went to AWB.  The meeting adjourned at 9:18 PM.

Norm Burke-Yale
Recording Secretary