May 2014 Minutes

(June's minutes will be posted on this page later).

MINUTES for May 2, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:32 p.m. by President, William Hawkins.

Greg Hollins lead the assembly in the Lord’s Prayer.
There were 22 members and 5 guests were present.
Motion to approve was made by Recording Secretary, Bill Reynolds. Motion was seconded and approved by assembly.
There was no Treasurer's reports due to being out of town.
Public Relations and media contact chairperson, Tracey Hawkins had no report.
Transportation chairperson, Ricky Hampton reported we had 15 riders and 5 vehicles.
Membership chairperson, Norman Burke-Yale was not present but a member of his committee made a motion that we had 4 people to be new members.

Education and Welfare chairperson, Eldon Cox was present but a report was made for him. The Legislative Days was held on April 2. We talked to all of State Repersentives and Senators about the voting machines for the blind to be used for all elections. We discussed the sight exemption for Medicaid.

Fundraising chairperson, Jackie Lars had no report.
Special Services chairperson, Cheryl Anthony had no report.
Health Benefits chairperson, Jackie Lars had no report.
Activities chairperson, Brandi Jones reported that our next meeting will be at Palomino’s Mexican Restaurant at 10219 E. US 24 Highway, Independence Missouri. MCB President, Patti Schonlua will be there as our guest.
Corresponding Secretary, Barbara Dewberry reported that there were 5 birthdays for May.

Old Business
Speaker for June meeting is Charlotte Nelson.
New Business
President William Hawkins told us about the Youth Program that MCB is thinking about starting.
Motion was made to adjourn, it was seconded and the motion was adopted by assembly.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Bill Reynolds
Recording Secretary