November 2013 Minutes
Allied Workers For The Blind

Minutes for November 1, 2013

Meeting was called to order by President William Hawkins at 7:42 p.m. at Olive Garden on 40 Highway and Noland Road.

President Willliam Hawkins led the assembly in The Lord's Prayer.

Twenty-three members were present.

Recording Secretary Bill Reynold's report for October meeting was tabled until December because of late.

Treasurer Alice Valdez reported still having problems with the bank about adding her on the account. AWB membership approved President William Hawkins and Treasurer Alice Valdez, to be the signees on the accounts at Mazma and UMB (United Missouri Bank).

Transportation and Communications Committee Chairperson Ricky Hamptom reported 19 riders and 5 vehicles.

Public Relations and Media Chairperson Tracey Hawkins reported that we would like to adopte a family from Maple Valley School for the Disabled. Motion was made to accept the family. Motion was adopted.

Membership Committee Chairperson Norman Burke-Yale reported there was no report.

Education and Welfare Committee Chairperson Eldon Cox reported the Medicaid bill was coming up under a new name (Transformation Bill). April 2nd will be Legislative Days in Jefferson City.

Fundraising Committee Jackie Lars,Eldon Cox and Barbara Dewberry reported we will be selling nuts. There will be two pick-up dates; November 17th and December 1.

Health Benefits Committee Chairperson Jackie Lars reported there is no report.

Activities Committee Chairperson Brandi Jones reported on the Christmas Party. There are two choices; The Golden Ox and Perkins. Motion was made to have the Christmas party at Perkins on 39th and Bolger on December 13th.Motion was adopted.

Special Services Committee Chairperson Cheryl Anthony reported there is no report.

Corpesponding Secretary Barbara Dewberry reported there is one birthday for the month of November, Brandi Jones.

MCB Board Representitive Shirley Brokaw reported. The Board was presented options for new voting machines for convention.

New Business: We need to work on new way for minutes to be written up for future changes at the bank.

Motion was made to adjourn meeting. Motion was adpoted.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.