October 2015 Minutes
  The AWB Meeting was held on Saturday, October 17 2015 at Waldo Pizza

President William Hawkins called the meeting to order 12:40 pm.
President Hawkins led us in the recitation of the Lord's Prayer.

18 members answered Roll call, we had two guests present Patti Hall, and
Hazelene Clay.

President Hawkins gave his report, thanking the AWB Convention Committee for
their hard work for the MCB Convention from October 1 through 4 2015.
President Hawkins reported that AWB had received $2,175 from MCB, he further
reported that ACT NOW received $575 for their assistance during the
AWB's share was $1500.
President Hawkins further reported he  ask the following members to fill the
appointed positions, Meryl Long Activities, Bill Reynolds Bylaw Chairman,
Melvin Smith Fund Raising Chairman,

A motion was made by Gregg Hollins and seconded that Shirley Brokaw would
serve as AWB's Representative on the Missouri Council of the Blind Board.

The treasurer reported currently there was $414 in checking, and that a
check was made for $1,207 to Farmstead (where the nuts are purchased).

Tracey Hawkins gave the Public Relations report, Tracy has been working on
the White Cane Walk, members goals to seek pledges until the end of October.
The money would be sent to the MCB Office, at the beginning of November AWB
& MCB would share the revenue.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:25

Respectively Submitted

Shirley Brokaw
AWB Recording Secretary