October 2010 Minutes
Friday, October 1, 2010

President Tom Jones opened the meeting at 7:30 PM by introducing Frederick Douglas Foster, the Owner of Frederick Douglas Transport Service.  We recited the Lord’s Prayer.  2 guests, Frederick Douglas Foster and Dorris Harrell, were present.  24 members were present and 19 would attend the MCB Convention, though not all of these were present at the meeting.  Norm read the September minutes through the briefing of the contract between Mr. Douglas and AWB.  William asked that the minutes reflect that anyone wishing to discuss the transportation contract use the actual contract, rather than the minutes, to avoid possible discrepancies.  (Secretary’s Note.  I ask that anyone wishing to discuss the contract between Frederick Douglas and AWB use the actual contract for reference, rather than the Recording Secretary’s minutes, to avoid possible discrepancies.)  The September minutes were approved as read.

TREASURER’S REPORT  Transportation $125.00

STATE CONVENTION  William said that AWB gave each attendee of last year’s MCB Convention $85.00 (one night in a hotel room).  AWB spent a total of $1,870.00 for state convention.  For the fiscal year 2010-2011, the AWB Board had recommended that AWB give allowances based on income raised.  Seconded by Jane Vaughters, Bill Vaughters moved that AWB give nothing for the MCB Convention, allowing more allowance for the ACB Convention in July.  Shirley added a friendly amendment, stating that AWB would give no Convention allowance for the MCB Convention on October 14-17.  The amendment cut the mention of ACB Convention because allowance to be given for that would be announced in May.  The amendment carried.  The original motion carried.

ACTIVITIES  no report


FUND-RAISING  Brandy said she had to pick up crafts from Jane to sell at the MCB Convention.


EDUCATION AND WELFARE  Brandy reported that she’d received an email the day of AWB’s October business meeting from the Legislative Assistant to the Office of Emanuel Cleaver.  The Senate had passed the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act and it was on the way to President Obama’s desk for him to sign. Representative Cleaver was hoping to send letters to those in the Fifth District that would be affected by this legislation.  The email expressed hope that Brandy could give them a list of MCB members to whom to send letters.

PUBLIC RELATIONS  Because October is National Blindness Awareness Month, National Crime Prevention Month, and National Fire Safety Month, Tracey and her committee were planning a fire safety program for people with visual challenges.  Tracey was checking if the Kansas City Fire Department could have someone speak to AWB at Alphapointe about fire safety for those with visual disabilities.  Tracey hoped to get donations of smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, which are made by First Alert.  If she couldn’t get donations, PR would purchase a few of the devices and raffle them off. Tracey asked for suggestions as to where to hold the fire safety program.  Melvin would expedite having it at Alphapointe.  Heather suggested having a program in Independence. Tracey’s committee would discuss these plans on Wednesday, October 6.  PR would look into a program to recognize blind veterans in November.  Tracey encouraged anyone interested to help plan these events.

MEMBERSHIP  no report

SPECIAL SERVICES  Sheryl said her committee received 3 requests this month.  2 were denied, 1 was accepted.

TRANSPORTATION  13 people rode in 3 vans.  Shirley, who said Frederick Douglas wished the money from individuals to come through the AWB invoice, gave William 4 bills and the cash from 13 people (the cash totaled $78.00).

On Tuesday, September 28, Shirley had informed Donny of Checker Services about AWB’s change of transportation companies.  AWB had been under no contract with Donny or Checker Services.  Tammy of Checker claimed they hadn’t received payment for April, May, June and September.  On Wednesday, September 29, William mailed Checker Services checks totaling $375.00.  He said all payments had been sent.  He explained that, as AWB had eliminated its debit card, bills weren’t always sent after meetings, in which cases William had brought Tammy AWB’s payments.

Sheryl Anthony read those items from the AWB Transportation and Communications Committee guidelines (which are part of the AWB Standing Rules) that had been changed as a result of AWB switching transportation companies.

4.“If members have not heard from the Transportation Committee by Sunday prior to the meeting or activity, it will be each member’s responsibility to call the Chairperson of the Transportation Committee.”
5.“The transportation list shall be submitted to the provider on Monday prior to the meeting or activity.”
6.“Cancellations shall be made to the Transportation Committee Chairperson no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting or activity.  Failure to comply with this cancellation policy will result in the removal of the member’s name from the list, and he or she shall be responsible for his or her transportation for the remainder of the year.”
7.This item said that the current fee for each member shall be $6.00 roundtrip, payable to the provider.  Shirley reported that this had changed; members would pay the $6.00 fee to AWB on arrival at the meeting or activity site.
8.“Rules and availability are subject to change in accordance with the contact of AWB’s current transportation provider.”

Secretary’s Note.  I ask anyone wishing to discuss the transportation guidelines in AWB’s Standing Rules to use the actual guidelines for reference, rather than these minutes, to avoid possible discrepancies.

Frederick Douglas Foster of Frederick Douglas Transport Service said they’d been in business since 2006.  Their primary focus was to provide transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities.  He was happy to provide transportation for AWB.  If people experienced transportation difficulties, they were to call him (524-8726) and he would try to correct problems.  We applauded Mr. Douglas.

In discussion, Mr. Douglas said he could provide transportation for long trips, such as to and from MCB conventions.  He’d prefer more notice, but 24 hours would be adequate time.

BLIND PENSION  William said the state would send its letter about appealing on October 4.  During the 30 days Deb Grider would have to respond, both sides would look at settlement.  Missouri had initially offered to settle at $15,000,000.00, ½ of what it’s supposed to pay.

AMENDMENTS AND RESOLUTIONS  These were not read at the October business meeting because Shirley moved, seconded by Melvin, to recommend that we vote no on all amendments because some of them were sent by email.  Shirley said the MCB Constitution stated that amendments shall be sent in, signed by 2 people.  Brandy clarified that there was no way to know which amendments were sent in by email.  The motion carried.

William had no record of Daniel and Kathy Wheeler having paid membership dues. Daniel didn’t recall to whom he’d given their money in June.  Melvin asked Daniel to check if they’d received a canceled check.  If the Wheelers turned out not to have paid, Daniel and William would take care of it.  (Secretary’s Note.  AWB Bylaws, Article V Dues: Active members shall pay annual dues of twenty dollars ($20), by check, cashier’s check, or money order, written to Allied Workers for the Blind, payable, before, or at, the June meeting, (no later than June thirtieth).)

ROSTERS  Kathy asked what AWB would do about rosters for the membership this year.  Shirley had the roster on her computer.  Once Alphapointe’s brailler/printer was repaired, Melvin would prepare the roster in braille for AWB if the President instructed him to do so.

MCB CONVENTION  As James Hollins, former AWB Board Rep to MCB, was no longer an AWB member, and as new MCB Board members are always elected after conventions, Brandy nominated Gregg (an MCB Board member) as AWB’s Board Representative.  Daniel seconded.  The motion carried.

Melvin spoke of an Amtrack going between KC and Jeff City.  He asked people, when at the Convention, to listen for the fun activities being put on by the new Social Outreach Council.

Tom appointed William AWB’s Resolutions Representative for the MCB Convention.

In accordance with MCB’s request, Kathy Wheeler moved, seconded by Odell, that AWB let MCB borrow our voting boxes to use on Sunday, October 17, at the Convention.  The motion carried.

Seconded by Jane, William moved that we make Shirley Brokaw, Odell Hollins, and Kathy Wheeler lifetime members of AWB.  In discussion, Tom appointed William to chair a committee to create guidelines in AWB’s Bylaws for recognition of older members.  William withdrew his motion for the time being.

The meeting adjourned at 8:47 PM.

Norm Burke-Yale
Recording Secretary