September 2016 Minutes and MCB Board Report
AWB September 10, 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

President Hawkins called the meeting to order at 12:05 pm, Brandi Jones led
us in the reciting of the
Lord's Prayer.
13 members answered roll call.
President recommended that Merle Long become our Vice President. It was
seconded, the motion carried. A motion was made and seconded, that Linda
Coccovizzo serve as AWB's
Education and Welfare Chairman, the motion was adopted.

President Hawkins ask for a motion to move that all committee reports be
suspended in order to read
and vote on the MCB's Bylaws and Amendments to be heard at the 60th Annual
Missouri Council of the
blind state  Convention, a motion was made and seconded to suspend all
committee reports until
October, the motion carried.
Shirley Brokaw served as AWB's representative at the bylaws committee

The AWB 2016-2017  budget was read. After some questions the budget was
approved as read.

President Hawkins read a letter sent from the MCB Youth Services, and MCB
Membership Committees
asking for a donation of $25 to be used at the MCB State Convention to
assist with expenses for youth
activities for Saturday evening, The motion was made, and seconded and the
motion passed,.

A motion made by Shirley Brokaw to spend $50 for the MCB Silent Auction, the
motion was seconded
and adopted. Melvin, Merle, and William added to the contribution bringing the total
amount $110.  Thank you .
Gift cards for restaurants were purchased, and a large container of mixed

The 50/50 amount was $23, the winner Merle Long, returned his winnings to
the AWB Treasurer.  Thank
you Merle.

The president ask for a motion to adjourn, the motion was made and seconded.

Respectfully submitted,
Shirley Brokaw AWB Recording Secretary 2016

Side Note from the Recording Secretary, I was not in attendance at the June

MCB Report from Shirley, AWB's Representative

August 15, 2016 Board Teleconference Call
approved MINUTES
the meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by President Denny Huff.
Joe Morgan led us in prayer.
Recording Secretary Joe Morgan called the roll. Members in attendance are at
the end of this report.
Denny welcomed Executive Director Chris Gray, online listeners, and guest
Linda Gerken, Youth Services Chair.
The agenda was approved with the following changes: Added Health Benefits
Chair; a change to affiliate grants; the fiscal year change was removed; a
phrase added to our guidelines about an appeals process; and a first-timer
The Minutes for April 23-24, 2016 were approved.
Sabrina Fowler moved that the Policy Committee add an appeals process to our
guidelines to appeal to the Board. The motion was adopted.
Joe Morgan moved to accept Susan Sanderson as the Health Benefits Chair. The
motion was adopted.
The Policy Committee recommended changing the Health Benefit Guidelines to
help only those who are employed and lost compensation due to illness or
injury and is not covered by sick leave or Workman's Comp.  This was
considered a motion with a second from the Policy Committee and the motion
was adopted.
A request was made to change the Youth Services Guidelines. Currently the
guidelines state that no more than $200 can be spent on a young person up to
the age of 18 per year. Youth Services Chair, Linda Gerken spoke on her
reasons to increase the amount to $300. This request was made to the Policy
Committee and at their recommendation a motion was brought to the Board to
only increase the amount to $225. Discussion followed and Michael Keller
offered an amendment to keep the amount at $200. A roll call vote was taken
and the amendment failed and the Policy Committee's original motion to
increase the amount to $225 was adopted.
Treasurer's Report:  Robert Vaughn gave the Treasurer's Report. He did not
have the investments amounts so he emailed them to the Board the next day.
According to that email, our balances are $49,856.55 at BMO Checking,
$2,469,068.28 in Raymond James Investments and $1,010,994.20 in US Bank
Investments. He read the proposed 2016-2017 budget line-by-line.
The affiliate grant was discussed.  The Budget and Finance Committee felt
that the affiliate grant should be given to only new affiliates; we have one
new affiliate. Wanda Matlock moved to let all affiliates continue to apply
for the $500 grant. Discussion followed. A roll call vote was taken and the
motion was defeated. The motion for new affiliates to receive the $500 grant
and new special interest affiliates would receive $250 for three years was
The First Timer's Program was discussed. Jannel Morris, Membership Chair,
asked that all six applicants be accepted. Darrel Vickers moved that
expenses be covered for six applicants for the First Timer's Program. The
motion was adopted.
The proposed budget for 2016-2017 was considered a motion from the Budget
and Finance Committee and the motion was adopted. Denny talked about some
events that will be happening during the 2016 MCB convention.
A motion was made to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 9:23 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Joe Morgan Recording Secretary