September 2011 Minutes


Allied Workers for the Blind September 16, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Jones at 7:37 pm.

President Jones led the assembly in the Lord's Prayer.

Twenty-six members and three guests were present.

The minutes for the June meeting were approved as read.

A special meeting was held on August 26 to fill three vacant board positions. James White was elected Health Services Chairperson by acclamation, and Cheryl Anthony was elected Special Services Chairperson by acclamation. Jerry Annunzio and Terrie Arnold were nominated for Education and Welfare Chairperson. Jerry was elected 12 to 4 with 16 members in attendance. The AWB voting box had been in the MCB office. It was returned to AWB and used for this election. Secretary Edwards will attempt to locate a recording that may be on the digital recorder she subsequently received as the new AWB Secretary as she was unable to attend the special meeting and no one else prepared meeting minutes.

Treasurer William Hawkins reported that one car was utilized for the special meeting but no bill has been received yet.  

Shirley Brokaw moved to move William's budget report for the fiscal year for next year to the board meeting minutes. The motion was adopted. 

Transportation and Communications Committee Chairperson Norm Burke-Yale reported that there were nine riders and he does not know at this time how many vehicles were used.

Public Relations Committee Chairperson Tracy Hawkins gave a report. She will get the minutes on the web site when she gets them but no later than the day before the meeting so that people can review them. The PR Committee will try to do something related to White Cane Safety at the MCB Convention. On October 29, AWB will have a public event to educate attendees regarding various safety issues for the blind. The death of Chip Block will be referenced in the pedestrian safety portion of the proceedings. A scholarship fund in Chip's memory will be established to which AWB members are encouraged to contribute. AWB members are also asked to contribute refreshments for the October 29 event.  

Cheryl Frank moved that we honor the people at the meeting when it is their birthday and honor July and August birthdays in September. The motion was adopted.

Terre Griffin was presented to the assembly by Jackie Lars and was accepted for membership. She does not want her information publicized.

Education and Welfare Chairperson Jerry Annunzio reported that SB8, regarding an exclusion for the disabled on taxes, is being considered but has not passed at this time.

New business:

Treasurer Hawkins resumed his report. Board members need to send there email addresses to so they can get the new monthly expenditures report.

The proposed budget is the same as last year and is attached. 

Cheryl Frank moved that Allied Workers not pay for the state convention in Joplin Missouri. The motion was defeated using a show of hands vote 9 to 14

Kathy Wheeler moved that we pay $100 to each eligible member whose way is not being paid by MCB in any capacity who registers at the MCB convention. The motion was adopted.

Treasurer Hawkins presented recommendations for allocation of AWB investments, which are attached. 

Jerry Annunzio moved that we take the board recommendation as a whole. The motion was adopted.

Shirley Brokaw wanted it stated for the record who attended the board meeting. President Jones said William Hawkins, Jerry Annunzio, Tom Jones, James White, Tracy Hawkins, and Linda Coccovizzo attended. The absence of the vice president, recording secretary, and corresponding secretary was also noted for the record by Shirley Brokaw. 

Parliamentarian Kathy Wheeler said if the secretary is not present; a secretary pro tem needs to be appointed by the president for that meeting. Additionally, for a board meeting a majority was required for a quorum, which did not occur. It is the responsibility of the president to call the required board meeting. In the future, proper procedures must be followed. 

Melvin Smith wanted it included in the record that the board meeting required by the constitution did not happen.

It was suggested that the previous motion by Jerry Annunzio involving the board meeting, which has now been determined to be a discussion by some board members, be noted by Secretary Edwards in the minutes as follows: "we take the recommendation, discussed by some members of the board, as a whole." There was no objection. 

Kathy Wheeler moved to adjourn. The motion was adopted.

     The meeting was adjourned at 9:19 pm.

     Janelle Edwards

     AWB Recording Secretary

     Allied Workers For the Blind.

     The following information will be listed in this order.

     Account Number: Type of Account: Amount: Amount Spent:

     1020 Activities -- $250

     1021 Education Welfare -- $500

     1022 Health Benefitts -- $250

     1023 National Convention -- TBA

     1024 Public Relations -- $250

     1025 Special Services -- $250

     1026 State Convention -- $100 per Qualified Member

     1027 Treasurery Finance -- $1,000

     1028 Transportation -- $1,300 -- $175

     1029 Insurance and Bonding -- $326.03

     1030 Fund Raising -- $250

     Grand Total -- $4,626.03

     Financial Institutions: Mazoma Credit Union, First Federal Bank

     and Trust, American Century Investments

     Bank Transactions Mazoma Credit Union

     Deposit -- $20 -- Membership -- Terre Griffin -- Sept. 19.

     Deposit -- $9,669.31 -- First Federal CD. -- Sept. 23.

     Certificate of Deposit -- $3,000 -- First Federal -- Sept. 23.

     Motions For Deposit

     $3,000 CD -- 6 Month -- First Fereral -- Sept. 23.

     We will deposit $6,000 in to American Century. Remaining Balance

     in to Mazoma Credit Union.

     All Financial Statements will be  set for audit.

     William Hawkins

     Treasurer: Allied Workers for the Blind Kansas City Missouri