December 2010 Minutes
Friday, December 3, 2010

Secretary’s Note  As Norm arrived after giving of the Treasurer’s Report and other items, some information is missing from the minutes.

ACTIVITIES  AWB would ring bells, to raise money for the Salvation Army, on Saturday, December 11.  Participants would be organized into 2-hour shifts.  The Christmas party would be held on Saturday, December 18 from 1:00-3:00 at Ryan’s.

PUBLIC RELATIONS  Tracey said the AWB membership had given $163.00 to the veterans’ families.  She announced that certain food items had been provided by members, but most such items had not been accepted.  PR would purchase new items. Items would be wrapped at a wrapping party at Tracey’s house on Saturday, December 11 at 3:00 PM.


ROLL  2 guests, April Brown and Melvin Avants, were present.  27 members attended. The Wheelers, having not proven that they had paid membership dues for 2010-2011, were dropped from the roster.

TRANSPORTATION  8 people rode in 3 vans.  Several members reported problems with the December transportation.  Edna read a letter from Frederick Douglas Transport Service, dated Saturday, November 13, to Melvin Smith.  Frederick stated that, according to the terms of the contract between FDTS and AWB, FDTS could no longer provide services at the present rate.  Unless AWB wished to negotiate, FDTS would terminate services after AWB’s December business meeting.

Melvin had been unable to contact Mr. Foster.  AWB had not received the November invoice.  William had word that Checker would take AWB back immediately.  Any problems should be discussed with Donny.

Secretary’s Note  All information briefed in the Transportation section of these minutes is documented.

Seconded by Norm, Gregg moved that the Transportation Committee renegotiate services with Checker Services beginning in January.  Ricky would inform the membership of any change in cost per person.  The motion carried.

Secretary’s Note  Ricky informed members that the cost to Checker had increased to $6.00 per person.


MCB BOARD REPORT  FUND-RAISERS  William said MCB would hold a statewide beep ball tournament.  Teams would pay $50.00 to enter and play on Cardinal Field in Saint Louis.  The winner would play the Cardinals for 3 innings in Cardinal’s Stadium with the Cardinals blindfolded.

Each affiliate would be allowed to raise money however it wished.  The affiliate that raised the most at the end of each quarter would receive a $500.00 grant from MCB and PR from the media.  The MCB President would come to town and praise the affiliate and the benefiting charity to the media.  The money the affiliate raised would be evenly divided between the affiliate, the charity and MCB.  This would force MCB and its affiliates to give outside themselves and create friendly competition.

MCB was asking affiliates to donate items throughout the year, to be sold at a garage sale in September, held in Saint Louis.

These projects would profit Health Benefits, convention allowances and other member services.

On November 15, the Board accepted former MCB Executive Director Jennifer Parker’s letter of resignation with regrets.

At 50-50, Heather won a First Alert smoke detector provided by AWB’s PR Committee. Tom wished everyone happy holidays.  The meeting adjourned at 8:43 PM.

Norm Burke-Yale
Recording Secretary