March 2012
Allied Workers for the Blind March 2, 2012

The meeting was called to order by President Tom Jones at 7:38 pm.

President Jones led the assembly in the Lord's Prayer.

Twenty-three members were present.

The Treasurer's report is attached.

It was moved that we take the cash from our $3000 CD at First Federal Bank, which is maturing, on March 22 and move it to American Century and invest in a money market account adopted

Terrie Arnold moved to reimburse Tom and William for their purchases for the cordless mike. The motion was adopted.

Odell Hollins moved that James and Tom would be paid $170 to go to legislative days with the Missouri Council of the Blind. The motion was adopted.

The minutes for the February meeting were approved as posted.

Transportation and Communications Committee Chairperson Ricky Hampton reported that three vehicles were used for 10 people.

Committee member Jackie Lars reported in behalf of the Public Relations Committee that the White Cane Walk is being planned.

Education and Welfare Chairperson, Terrie Arnold, reported on MCB legislative initiatives.

Membership Chairperson, Brandi Jones, presented Angela Fisher to become a member of AWB. William Hawkins spoke in her behalf.

Terrie Arnold moved that Angela Fisher become a member of Allied Workers of the Blind. The motion was adopted.

Brandi Jones read the birthdays for the month in behalf of Corresponding Secretary Shirley Brokaw.
New business
President Jones discussed the new MCB Summer Camp policy with the membership. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:24 pm.

Janelle Edwards
AWB Recording Secretary

Allied Workers for the Blind KC MO. April 12, 2012
Begininning Balance $2,254.60
Deposits $3,543.00
Misc $45.00
Total withdrawls $3,777.56

Detail Breakdown of Accounts
acct no. 1021 education welfare ck # 337   $170.00 James White pd 3/13
ck # 336  $193.00 Thomas Jones pd 3/6

acct. no 1030 Deposit $25.00 Shirley Brokaw 3/13

acct. no 1032 Membership $20.00 Angela Fisher 3/13

acct. no 1034 General Fund ck # 339 FTD transporation $306.00 pd 3/15
                                      $108.56 Radio Shack 3/1

American Century Investments Balance $38,945.31 Ending Balance Credit
Union $1,572.47
William Hawkins Treasurer