November 2016
November 12 2016 AWB Business Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at Alphapointe 7501 Prospect, Kansas City MO

President William Hawkins called the meeting to order at 12:45 pm.
Our three guests from KCAT answered questions about the Share-a-Fare program and talked about a new program that would begin soon.

Shirley, called the roll, 15 members were present. Molly Jones, 1 of our 2
junior members was present.
We had 4 guests Tara Coccovizzo, Tyler Means, Lisa Wolmack, and Al Mucglach.

September Minutes were approved as written.

Alice gave a report concerning the sale of nuts for our fund-raising. She
said there would be only one delivery this year due to new persons at the
company where we purchase our nuts.
Alice then gave the Treasurer's report: beginning balance $3,129.79
Ending balance $2,692.79.

Up to date the 50/50 is $120

President Hawkins asked members to keep Lisa and Merle in their thoughts and

President Hawkins asked for a motion to have Shirley stay on the MCB's Board
as AWB's representative. The motion was made by Linda, the motion passed.

President Hawkins reminded members about the activity planned for November
19, a tour of the Steamboat Arabian Museum. The tour will begin at 2:00 p.m.
The cost of the tour is $5.50 this fee will be paid by members.

President Hawkins, said he had been in contact with the Children's Center for
the Visually Impaired. The Christmas Party would be the second week in

AWB's 50/50 money is set aside for adopting a family, or visually impaired

The President reminded us that AWB's Christmas Party would be held at Jazz
Louisiana Kitchen at 39th and State Line Road, Saturday, December 10. Members are encouraged to bring friends and
family, and to socialize with members and learn what AWB is all about. Everyone
will pay for their own food.
There will not be a business meeting.

Public Relations Chair Tracey reported she was working with Linda and Brandi to give them access to the Facebook page. She will add pictures and videos to the page.

Education & Advocacy Chair Linda said there was no legislation at this

Fund-Raising chair, Melvin had no report.

Special Services chair, Lisa was unable to be at the meeting. There was no

MCB Board Representative, reported on the Pre-Convention in October, the
minutes was at the bottom of the AWB minutes. Shirley said there would be
another MCB Board meeting November 22, 2016.

The MCB minutes will be below AWB minutes after my signature.

A discussion about the experiences of our member's accessible voting
machine. we learned that several members are still having issues with poll workers setting
up the machine. Other members expressed their voting with accessible
machines had no problems.

Tara told us about the spelling bee she in which she participated. She spelled the word "applause. S

A motion was made to adjourn at 1:17 p.m.

Missouri Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired
Pre-Convention Board Meeting October 6, 2016
Sheraton Westport Chalet, St. Louis, MO

The 60th annual pre-convention Board meeting was called to order by President
Denny Huff at 2:00 PM.
Wanda Matlock led us in prayer.
Steve Schiele led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Denny welcomed Executive Director Chris Gray, special guests Eric Stopp
and James Pohlman.
Recording Secretary Joe Morgan called the roll. Members and guests in
attendance are at the end of this report.
Denny welcomed online listeners.
The agenda was approved with one addition; a change was added to the Youth Services guidelines.
The Minutes for August 15, 2016 were approved.

President's Report
Denny said that he would give the President's Report at the convention
Executive Director's Report
Chris Gray offered a motion to affirm that the Missouri Council of the Blind
wishes to enter as a party in the litigation requiring the use of talking
voting machines in all elections in Missouri. Ruthie Clark moved to accept
Chris' motion. The motion was adopted.
Eric Stopp, the MCB auditor, talked about the 2014-2015 audit.

Jim Pohlman and Hunter Barnier from Raymond James talked about MCB

Treasurer's Report
Robert Vaughn made a correction for some numbers that were incorrectly
reported in the January 28, 2016 Board meeting. The correct amount for
Raymond James is $2,281,532.99. Steve Schnelle moved to accept this amount
and to have it corrected in the January 28, 2016 Minutes. The motion was
adopted. The Raymond James investment balance as of August 31, 2016 was
$2,470,326.36. The account balance for BMO checking was $10,644.50 and the
US Bank balance was $1,014,529.71 as of October 3, 2016. The total of all
investments is $3,495,500.57. Robert said that Eric Stopp could do our
audit for 2015-2016 for $8000. 

Beverly Kaskadden moved to have Mr. Stopp do
the audit for MCB. The motion was adopted.

Youth Services Guidelines
Wanda Lentz read the portion of the Youth Services guidelines that the
committee wanted to change. Sabrina Fowler moved to accept the change to the
guidelines. The motion was defeated. Joe Morgan moved that we go in to
closed session. The motion was adopted.
The Board rescinded the freeze on employee salaries.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 3:42 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Joe Morgan Recording Secretary

Members and guests in attendance were:
President - Denny Huff
First Vice President - Michael Keller
Second Vice President - DeAnna Noriega
Secretary - Joe Morgan
Treasurer - Robert Vaughn
Director - Brian Hallows
Director - Jannel Morris
Director - Darrel Vickers
Act Now! Council of the Blind - Ruthie Clark
Agape Council of the Blind - Wilma Chestnut-House
Allied Workers for the Blind - Shirley Brokaw
Blind Of Central Missouri - Joe Morgan
Capitol City Council of the Blind - Ron Pharris
Delta Area Blind - Wanda Matlock
Joplin Service Club of the Blind - Jim Murray
Lake Stockton Area Council - Beverly Robertson
Ozark Association of the Blind - Joe Dobs
Pony Express Association of the Blind - Betty Beaver
Queen City Council of the Blind - Robert Ash
Rite for the Blind - Bunny Maginnis
River City Workers of the Blind - Sabrina Fowler
Route 66 Council of the Blind - Scot Howe
Southeast Missouri United Blind Club - not present
Southwest Missouri Friendship Council - Chip Hailey
Springfield Service Club of the Blind - Kevin Washburn
St. Charles County Council of the Blind - Beverly Kaskadden
St. Louis Council of the Blind - Karen Newmann
St. Louis Northern Lights - Steve Schnelle
Tiger Council of the Blind - Jannel Morris
Tower Club of the Blind - Jesuita Tabor
United Workers for The Blind - Michael Keller
Public Relations Director - Wilma Chestnut-House

Members present at the November 2016 meeting

Cheryl and Allan
Shirley and Melvin
Jackie Lars
William and Tracey
Ed and Alice
Brandi and Molly

The MCB board met last night to address a few items. Mainly we made updates
to the personnel manual with wording that would satisfy federal labor laws
that will be going into affect on December 1.

Among these items was a memo that will be added to our executive director's
file indicating that according to the new rules brought forth by the federal
labor department he is not qualified for overtime pay. He never was paid
overtime but this memo needed to be included in his file to protect MCB in
the future.

We also approved a standard complaint form that can be used by the office
staff should one ever arise. This is a standard form and when it is
completed by an office staff it would be passed on the personnel committee
for consideration.

Darrel Vickers sat in for our treasurer Robert Vaughn and gave us a
treasurer's report.

The board also approved inserting a statement into the financial and
accounting policy. The verbage for this statement reads as follows:
Whenever it is possible , products goods and services used by the Missouri
Council of the Blind should be procured locally or within the state of
There should be consideration to a Blind vendor if they are competitive.

The board also voted to sign on to a proclamation that was distributed by
the Missouri Governor's Council. Below is the preamble to this

We declare that regardless of ability, all persons are whole human beings
and should have opportunities to grow and develop to their full potential.
The level of a person's intelligence, mobility, sight, hearing,
communication or expression, and need for support does not confirm or negate
their status as a whole human being. Thus, the human and civil rights of
people of all abilities must be honored, protected, communicated, and
enforced so that all have freedom and power to direct their own lives with
determination and dignity through the exercise of meaningful choice.

As I stated, MCB has signed on in support of the proclamation which is
rather lengthy but I will attach it to this message. Once everyone that is
going to support this proclamation has signed on, it will be presented to
the legislators of Missouri for further consideration.

In our closed session the board voted to give the MCB office staff a
Christmas bonus. We also discussed raises for the office staff for next
year and will address that more in April.

I encouraged our board members to remind their affiliates that we still need
a representative from their affiliate to assist us with our strategic plan.

I also told the board that we were finally on the list of non-profits for
the federal campaign. We have made attempt to be included in this list for
several years and for one reason or another we were denied.

The federal campaign is where a federal employee cand designate a percentage
of their salary to a non-profit organization. There are thousands of
federal employees in the state of Missouri so the amount could be
significant. But as I said, an organization needs to be on the list of
qualified organizations.

After a lot of work by our office manager, Virginia Drapkin, MCB made the
list this year. Wilma has already made to appearances at fedral locations
including Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis. Hopefully we will receive more
invitations from around the state and either Wilma, Chris or myself can go
and present MCB.

One other item that was discussed was a conference call that Darrel Vickers
is having concerning glasses that help people with RP gain some vision.
This is only an informational call but all are welcome to participate.
Darrel will be announcing a time and date later.

My thanks to the board for being so cooperating and I can tell by the
questions they ask and their input in the discussions that really do take
their job seriously.

I want to wish all of you a Blessed Thanksgiving and I hope you can spend it
with your family and friends.
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