Family Number 1

Mr. A. started to lose his sight 20 years ago secondary to diabetic retinopathy.  He lives with his wife and grandkids, who they were awarded by the court after a bad situation.  Family recently had electricity turned off for over three weeks because he was unable to pay his bills. 

Mr. A.

·         Underwear Size 36

·         Pants 42 waist x 33 inseam

·         Shirt neck is 18 and arm length is 25

Mrs. A.

·         XL Winter Nightgown

14 y/o boy

·         Underwear size 36

·         Shirts (XL) any type… whatever will keep him warm, 

·         Jeans 38Wx32Inseam

3 y/o girl (needs clothes badly - anything is appreciated!)

·         Winter coat (5),

·         pants,

·         shirts,

·         pajamas,

·         mittens and hat –

·         Toys – Anything from Dora the Explorer.

**Family indicated there is a special need for queen size bed, but understand this is not realistic.  They are very appreciative of the thought and say thank you!!

Family Number 2

Mr. B. is a 56 year old veteran who started to lose his sight in 2009 secondary to macular edema.  He currently lives with his wife and nine year old son (will turn nine on 11/6/2010).  Recently the family had their gas turned off because they could not afford it.  They are trying to scrape money together to turn it back on for the winter.  Mrs. B. was very happy when I told her about this.

Mr. B.

·         Shoes size 11 (tennis shoes)

·         Jeans size 48 waist x 32 inseam

·         Winter coat in 2x or 3x

Mrs. B.

·         Jeans or Slacks size 4x

·         Shirts size 4x

·         A good winter coat – 5x to fit over layers of clothes.

Nine y/o son

·         Play Station 3 games (army or Star Wars)

·         Jeans – 16 husky

·         Tennis shoes boys size six

The Veteran's Administration has provided us with information on two families of Veteran's who are blind, who are in need. We will provide these families with Holiday assistance. You  are welcome to help with financial assistance or gifts. We will collect items during the December 3rd meeting at Alphapointe on 75th & Prospect (71 Highway and the 75th Street Exit) from 7:30-9:00 p.m. Call for more information. Tracey, 816.372.0939.